Royal Trade offers the following services:

1- Translation services

I. Translation of documents


.birth certificate.

Family Statement.

Various contracts (selling, leasing, companies, etc.).

Monitoring of grades.

Registration certificate.

Agencies of all kinds.

Letters to official authorities.

And other documents

Second. Text translation.

In the five most important languages ​​in the world

(English, Arabic, Turkish, French).


III. Translator facilities.

Royal provides translators (to and from Turkish) facilities for businessmen, tourists and others

2. Educational services

Turkey is a gathering of scholars and researchers. Where Turkey offers thousands of scholarships for university study annually including housing, treatment, airline tickets and monthly bonus. 6 Turkish universities among the top 500 universities in the world ranking of universities (Middle East Technical.

The number of university students exceeded 4 million students.

Turkey is the world’s largest country in doubling the allocation of education and scientific research.

3. Accommodation services

Turkey dream beautiful and kiss millions.

Turkey enjoys a beautiful nature, unique location, historical and historical sites.

The accessibility of foreigners without legal impediments makes the dream a reality.

I live in Turkey.


The Foreign and International Protection Act (Article 19) gives non-Turks permission to reside through easy procedures without any restrictions or complications.

4. Real estate services

Real estate is witnessing in Turkey.

Significant changes and significant economic growth.

Continuous improvement in infrastructure.

Stability of society, political, social and environmental systems, legislation and laws, as well as improving economic conditions and the investment environment.

All these factors led to an increase in the cash flow in the real estate sector in Turkey.

Real estate in Turkey gives you.

1. Ability to realize your dream of life in Turkey.

2. Easy accommodation in Turkey.

3. Opportunities to obtain a job or investment in Turkey.

4. Obtaining a Turkish visa card corresponding to the US Green Card.

5. Import and export

Turkey is one of the best exporters of the world, especially clothes, furniture, vegetables and fruits. Royal Trade also acts as a commercial intermediary between factories and importers.